July 8, 2017

Trying Aryuveda Herbs

Looking over my hair journey, where I started and where I am now.... I can see that my hair is longer than it's ever been but I am not where I should be.  As the saying goes, all horses don't run alike, so it's not that I am comparing myself to anyone but just doing some simple math. 

If I were to retain 3" minimum each year since I started my hair journey 5 years ago then I should have retained 15" of hair to date. My entire length of hair is approximately 14" right now. Given that I didn't start this journey with a big chop, that isn't where I should be. From the time I started measuring my hair here, I have retained 5" total. 

Now I know my hair has been cut several times during these 5 years, sometimes willingly, sometimes not so much. I am ready to get back on track and go after my goal of mid-back length.  At the start of the year, I was ready and rearing to "grow" (read here) but again I have fallen off the path.

This time I have turned towards herbs to assist with achieving my goals. The herbs I have chosen are commonly used in Aryuveda practices which originated in India many years ago. I read that the herbs are designed to help support the body's natural functioning and healing, which also includes supporting hair growth.

I read some very interesting things about these herbs and have watched videos where persons have seen a difference in not only hair growth, but also the thickness and strength of their hair after incorporating these herbs into their hair regimen. The herbs are all natural, so why not give it a try, right? 

Next, I will share which herbs I purchased and a few benefits of each. Then I will share how I made an oil using these herbs and my journey using the oil.

Have you tried Aryuveda herbs or oils in your hair regimen? I would love to hear your stories.

January 22, 2017

Wash Day (01-22-17)

I deep conditioned on dry hair with Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair Masque mixed with 1 tsp. JBCO and 1 tsp. Honey and a little Avocado Oil. I sat under my hooded dryer for 25 minutes.

Next I co-washed with Suave Almond and Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner;

Leave-in: Hask Placenta Super Strength Leave-In Instant Conditioning Treatment;

Immediately after spraying my hair with this leave-in my hair felt sticky, so I decided to leave it alone by pinning it up and leaving it to air dry. Afterwards, I read the instructions on the bottle and it said that I should let it penetrate for 3 minutes before styling as usual. After about 20 minutes, when my hair had dried some more, my hair did not feel sticky at all. This is a protein leave-in conditioner so I did not expect my hair to feel moisturised after…and it didn't, but my hair felt soft and fluffy and not crunchy as I was dreading.

Moisturise and seal: Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturiser and Sweet Almond Oil

I am 10 weeks post-relaxer and I'm at the stage where I need to figure out how and when I will end this relaxer stretch. My options are to put in braids at Week 12 and stretch until Week 16 or to relax my hair at Week 12. I am sort of leaning towards the latter option but will keep you posted as usual.

January 17, 2017

Wash Day (01-15-2017)

Pre-Poo: I started my wash day by doing a scalp massage. My scalp massage oil consists of Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus Oil. Then I pre-pooed my strands with Safflower Oil for 40 minutes.

Shampoo: I shampooed my hair in two sections with Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Natural Oil-Infused Hydrating Shampoo which was diluted in an applicator bottle.  

Conditioner: Next I applied Roux Porosity Control Corrector & Conditioner to my hair which I left on for 10 minutes. This conditioner always helps me to battle my tangles.

Deep Conditioner: I cheated a little bit by not adding JBCO to my conditioner this week. Instead, I used Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Treatment Masque and applied Tropic Isle Living Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil to my scalp, then I sat under my hooded dryer for 20 minutes.

Just before rinsing out my DC I added Suave Almond and Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner to my hair for additional slip.

Leave-In Conditioner: I sprayed It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product throughout my hair and then applied some Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong Strengthening Serum before leaving it to air dry.

I skipped the tea rinse this wash day although I promised I would do it - I was really short on time. Quite a bit of my hair is still coming out, but they are long strands so hopefully they are all shed hairs. I have Garlic Supplements which I bought to help with shedding but have not been using much. I think this week I will use them as directed every day and see if I notice any change on the next wash day.  I will keep you posted. 

How was your Wash Day? Have you tried Garlic supplements?
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